My favorite "mom hacks" to simplify a crazy-busy life!


5  Mom Life Hacks That I Rely on to Simplify Life 

We all want to accomplish more and have more free time. With limited time and energy, every trick that can potentially make life easier is worth investigating. There’s more than one way to catch a mouse, as they say!

Use a timer. A simple timer can greatly increase your focus and productivity. For example, the next time you need to clean the kitchen, determine how long it should take. Then set a timer for a couple of minutes less than your guess. See if you finish before the time runs out. You’ll be more focused and get more done. I use this also for my kids, a 10 minute clean up timer at the end of the day, for them to clean up their bedrooms and playroom before bedtime. 

Timers even help at work.  When possible, a 10-minute break every hour boost productivity over the other 50 minutes! I like to use the 10 minutes to take a quick walk or stretch,  get a drink of water, or deal with personal email. You’ll get more done over a long day than you ever thought possible.

Fill up your gas tank before you get home from work. Avoid putting anything off until the morning if it can be done beforehand. You’re likely to forget, or something will go wrong. If you’re running late before you remember that you need gas or something else for work, that makes for extra stress

As someone who used to have mail piles so tall, they'd often fall over, this trick is everything!  Sort your mail before it leaves your hand. You get home from work and grab the mail. Before you toss it on the kitchen counter, quickly sort through it. Put the junk mail in the trash and organize the rest. Keep your bills in one location, preferably where you sit while you pay them.

Get a toy, give up a toy. Having two kids, the clutter gets out of hand easily in my home, and several toys never get used. For every new toy we donate a toy to charity or give it away.  It’s a good lesson and will keep the house tidier.

👄Detox your skin while you sleep.  I wanted great skin - without the time and expense of spa treatments or doing complicated regimens at home.  I found that a simple Night cream would protect my skin, leave it soft in the morning and improved my skin tone and clarity.  That's working smarter, not harder.  Now I am able to save time and money on my skin and spend more time with my family.  To check out what I use, or try it for a month risk free, DM me on Facebook!

Life is fast and furious. It can be challenging to find time to do everything that needs to be done. A couple of simple hacks can free up a little time for more important things. Comment and let me know which hacks you try!


  1. Love the idea about the timers for kids cleaning up their room, going to use that one!


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